Moving from Tumblr to Github IO

The Need

I have been blogging quite infreqently these days, infrequent partly due to lack of time and partly due to wrong choice of blogger. Tumblr looked quite easy to manage to begin with. It looked and felt quite compact as well. My needs of blogging required less time to publish and more options to format.

However, I figured tumblr has its own limitations in terms of support for multiple formats. More specifically, I found the need to add more code snippets as and when required and putting them up on Tumblr was rather laborious. Hence decided to move.

Github IO

Github has been the de-facto place to store code and it was only a matter of time, I moved here. Considering my urge to stay hands-on, Setting up a blog on Github IO turned out to be more Terminal-based. This worked well for me.

This also throws up a lot of other possibities. With Github hosting the blogs, I can later do * Link my repos to this * Added code snippets and Gists and place references here * Buy a domain and host few other content there

Given the plethora of things that can be done, Github IO seems to be the right way to go. So, moving all the older posts from Tumblr to Github..